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The West Country Pasty Company For wholesale & bake off pasties.

                                About The West Country Pasty Company

The "West country Pasty Company" are at the forefront of supplying "Bake Off Pasties" to baker's, the catering trade, supermarket chains, & food wholesalers throughout the UK. In every major city centre there is now a pasty company, selling the traditional and newly flavoured west country pasty food snack, to the ever more aware public. This trend is growing like wildfire, and will see immense growth over the next few years, until its a part of the stable snack food choice of the UK consumer public. 

You can achieve a high "Return On Investment" and great profit margins, if you are a retail food seller. Now you need to make sure you don't miss out on the opportunity, to increase your sale's by buying direct from "The West country Pasty Company".
We will delver your order to your door frozen, and ready to bake off the next morning to your customers.

The "West country Pasty Company" was started a long time ago, as children our mother a true cornish lady from a large cornish family, used to make her own pasties once a week, and we as children would love to eat them as our dinner. From those early days as children, we have eaten true west country pasties ever since. We then started our own pasty company 10 years ago using the same traditional recipe that our mother used. Now we are producing 5,000 bake off pasties a day, and then ship them out to your bakery, catering company, frozen food wholesalers & supermarket's, along with all our other products such as quiche & cocktail foods. 

All our foods are shipped to your door in refrigerated van's with temperature controlled freezer units, so that when the delivery arrives at your door, they are as fresh as the day we made them. We ship "bake off pasties" and food to all corners of the UK. With more and more shops selling these wonderful "West country  Pasties", and pasty shops are opening in all city centres of the UK, make sure you are selling and eating the best pasties on the market today.                       
                 Order Now  Email us on SALES@WHOLESALE-PASTIES.CO.UK Or Call On 07979-388-738